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Hidri Publishers Launches a Book in Tigre
Demsas Tsegay, Nov 19, 2007

In November, 16, 2007 Hidri Publishers launched a book ‘Emenini’ (Trust me) in Tigre language that tells about the role of Eritrean women in the armed struggle and the cultural challenges that faced them.

Written by Mr. Mohammed Ali Ibrahim, the book narrates a story of a woman that joined the freedom fighters after seeing atrocities committed by the colonizers. In the fight for independence the woman was held captive and at last escapes from the enemy and joins the freedom fighters again.

Mr. Mohammed Ali, the author, said that we Eritrean have much unwritten histories. So we do not have to wonder what to write about, we have just to look at our rich history.

Mr. Adem Ali presented a short review of the book. He said that Tigre was first written in the 19th century but, almost no book was written in the language for the last 140 years (until 2005). “Mr. Mohammed’s initiative is an encouraging step for developing the language,” he added.

He further said that even though it has some problems in the flow of ideas and some characters are lost in the middle without the reader knowing their sufficient explanation. However, it has excellent usage of language and gives graphic explanation of the places in the struggle.

The ceremony was attended by people who have interest in the Tigre Language and invited guests from different walks of life.