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"When have you left your country ?"
"It is now our third [day]."
- The greeting chiefly in the Mansa country [partly] following the Sillabario della lingua Tigre,
A: "Hast thou passed the day well?"
B: "May thy day be well! Welcome to thee!"
A: "Mayest thou stay well!"
B: "From where art thou?"
A: "I am from Karan."
B: "What doest thou tell?"
A: "Nothing but good [things]."
B: "May the good [things] be plenty, if God wills! Art thou well?"
A: "May I see thy well-being!"
B: "Art thou in good health?"
A: "Praise be to God, I am well."
B: "How are thy family and thy property?"
A : "Praise be to God, they are all well. How is it with thee ?" ')
B: "I have no trouble at all, praise be to God! Art thou also well?"
A : "I have nothing to complain of. May I see thy well-being !"
B: "Is all well there from where thou hast come?"
A: "All is well."
B: "May it be more so, if God wills! What doest thou tell?
What doest thou see and hear from [other] sides?
What news is told in the country?"
A: "Nothing but good things."
B: "May they give thee good things! Does it rain in the Ansaba country and are the crops growing [well] ?"
A: "It is raining, and there is nothing better than its crops.
May He make it continue to be well!"
B: "Say, Father of Emar, what is the news about the government?"
A: "It has said: 'Do not harm the trees!' Everything else is well; there is nothing [bad] that I have heard."

i) Literally: "thou, what are thou like?"