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Who is Richard Sundstrom?

Richard Sundstrom the Swedish missionary has collected about a thousand pages in Tigre on the different tribes and clans in Eritrea. Some writings are in Swedish and fewer in English. A few are written in Tigrina.
He has categorized them, some in small books and mostly in sheets written in pencil with different handwritings.
They are for example history and stories of - the Blin, the two Mensa, Betjuk, Ad Temariam, Ad Tekles, Ad Sheikh, Hedarib, Belew, and the Turkish times.
There are various poems and Fekera to Dej Hailu, Ras Welde Mikel and other Kebessa notables.
Richard Sundstrom was born in 1869 in Sweden. He lived in Geleb near Keren 1898- 1913 collecting the writings being a missionary there.
He lived in Keren and was employed by the Italian government as the town doctor until he died there in June 1919.

Aida Kidane